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☂Conduct an experimental Face2Face (F2F) fundraising campaign for 2020
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The first Face2Face (F2F) fundraising campaign in Sweden for the Wikimedia movement is conducted in late 2020. We believe this to be the first professional F2F campaign ever organized for the movement. As such it is an experimental campaign and we will try out the concept and evaluate if it should be expanded on in the future. The material and knowledge will be shared with the wider movement.

In 2020 4 dedicated, part time, staff members will be hired to share information about our chapter and convince people to start donating to us and join us as supporting members. Dedicated training for the staff will be developed, communication material will be created, tools and equipment will be developed and procured, policies and guidelines will be updated or created. Specific care will have to be taken due to COVID-19.

If the campaign is successful in 2020 it is likely to be scaled up in 2021. If not, we will evaluate and see what can be adjusted in 2021.