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Show wpReviewEdit checkbox when saving a sighted page and you have review rights but not autoreview
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On the english Wikinews flagged revs set up, the editor groups does not have the 'autoreview' right. (The idea is that some edits should be reviewed by another person before being sighted).

If the article has not been reviewed, you are presented with a 'Accept changes for this revision' checkbox (wpReviewEdit). If the article is sighted and you are editing it, you are not presented with such a checkbox, because the edit would normally be auto-sighted. However if you do not have 'autoreview' rights, this does not happen. If the user has the right to review stuff, but not the autoreview right, it makes logical sense in my opinion to present them with the wpReviewEdit checkbox on the edit page, as its a similar case to if the previous revision was not reviewed.

(Note: I'm filing this after someone asked me to make a javascript gadget that did this ([[n:MediaWiki:Gadget-butMommyILoveItMyAutosight.js]]), because I figure its something that should probably be done on the php side. There's also some marginally-related discussion at )

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