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2020-08-26: tools NFS share cleanup
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Once again, in the tradition of T156982: Cleanup tools nfs share on labstore1004/5 and T247315: 2020-03-10: tools and misc nfs share cleanup, we must clean up the NFS to prevent collapse

This time, just /srv/tools

/dev/drbd4      8.0T  6.9T  745G  91% /srv/tools
/dev/drbd3      5.0T  1.9T  2.9T  40% /srv/misc

Projects using the most storage in grafana

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-08-26T17:12:48Z] <bstorm> Running 'ionice -c 3 nice -19 find /srv/tools -type f -size +100M -printf "%k KB %p\n" > tools_large_files_20200826.txt' on labstore1004 T261336

cat tools_large_files_20200826.txt | sort -h > tools_large_files-sorted_20200826.txt

Top individual files are:

49303704 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/splinetools/dumps/enwiki-20141106-pages-articles.xml
51288456 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/persondata/dumps/dnb-all_lds.rdf
63967176 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/magnus-toolserver/error.log
64778744 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/wikidata-analysis/public_html_tmp/dumpfiles/json-20191125/20191125.json.gz
77725816 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/persondata/logs/person_bkl2.out
85264568 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/.shared/dumps/20200720.json.gz
85736004 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/.shared/dumps/20200803.json.gz
86201908 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/.shared/dumps/20200817.json.gz
101160884 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/robokobot/virgule.err
410869488 KB /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/persondata/logs/wikidata_sitelinks.out

Truncated /srv/tools/shared/tools/project/robokobot/virgule.err

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/dev/drbd4 8.0T 5.5T 2.1T 73% /srv/tools
/dev/drbd3 5.0T 2.0T 2.9T 41% /srv/misc

Seems ok for now