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Blank lines aren't displayed well in diff
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This may make people confused?

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: minor



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sumanah wrote:

Liangent, this looks fine to me (with MediaWiki 1.18). If you're still seeing a problem, please reopen and attach a screenshot so we can see what looks confusing. Thanks!

Created attachment 9190

The attachment is what I see.

The actual change is "{{#if:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}|right|80px]]}}" and a blank line was swapped. But the blank line is not shown in diff as a "line" so users may think two lines with contents are simply misaligned... so what's the real change in this edit?


Untitled.png (152×1 px, 7 KB)

Or display it in this way:

<includeonly>                                        |  <includeonly>
{{#if:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}|right|80px]]}} | {{#if:{{{image|}}}|[[File:{{{image}}}|right|80px]]}}
  • |
    • {{{question|}}} | * {{{question|}}}

ie. The blank line is changing and the {{#if:{{{image|}}} line is not changing.

The diff should show an empty line being removed from the old revision and an empty line being added to the new revision.

matmarex subscribed.

Seems fixed:

image.png (980×1 px, 156 KB)

Might have been the same issue as T27697.