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ZoomViewer Error - No response from server iipsrv.fcgi
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Windows 10
Google Chrome

Trying to open [[File:Survey of Palestine 1942-1958 1-100,000 sheet index georef.png]] in ZoomViewer because the image is over 400 MB. I click "Open in ZoomViewer" and I'm taken to a black page and an error message pops up, saying: " says No response from server iipsrv.fcgi".

When I click OK, the error message disappears but the image never comes up and ZoomViewer never loads.

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This has now been fixed by the author of this tool, see

Dschwen states that “there was a change necessary in the webserver configuration, since WMF moved all tools from to”.

AFBorchert claimed this task.

I think that this can now be closed as resolved.

Thanks AFBorchert, this is indeed fixed. A path change in the lighttpd config was all that was required.