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Create second revision of Phab tutorial videos (smaller improvements etc based on feedback)
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Once the first Phab tutorial videos have been published in T214522: Create tutorial videos about, people will probably think that further improvements are possible content-wise.

Feel free to add comments to this task what exactly you're missing in the Phab videos or might want to change.

Please keep in mind that we should not cover too many corner cases but want to quickly show what you'd consider basics. :)

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Potential items to include/clarify for a future revision of the Phab tutorial videos:

  • Projects and Workboards @3'12": Make mouse pointer point out column header, move mouse pointer to "Manage" item later.
  • Projects and Workboards @2'56": Covering "templates" to set up a new workboard? Already shown quickly that you can import columns from workboards, but could mention explicitly. (JRB input)
  • Projects and Workboards @5'06": Cover milestones being quarters of years (in contrast to being releases): Both for future planning, but also retrospective as a work log of what was done when.
  • Cover not to create "kind of duplicate" tasks just because several teams have the same work on their list? Use several project tags on one single task instead.
  • Tasks @7'54" Creating subtasks can also help to keep conversations about each topic separate and focused - this was mentioned in T262476
  • Projects and Workboards @4'54": Subprojects and milestones and their pros and cons and parent projects in combination with Herald? (LS/DBA input)
  • For WMF staff only: How to get access to NDA or Security tickets? (But so specific that maybe our written docs should be improved instead by linking to and )?
  • Editing subetypes; filtering by subtypes?
  • Adding links for common filters in the sidebar of a project workboard
  • Splitting interest vs action: Analytics-Radar / or affects-Kiwix-and-openZIM / "Radar" column on workboards (e.g. Developer-Advocacy)
  • new "In Progress" status since T288956: Evaluate adding "In progress" status to Phabricator.
  • Changed Favorites (task creation) dropdown items a bit today; see also T253744

Haven't really received feedback apart from what's listed here hence moving to backlog as there are more urgent things to do.

For the records, resolving T253744 changed the frontpage and Favorites dropdown items shown in the video