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Enable a single resource to have multiple access URLs
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As currently configured, each resource in the Library Card platform can have a single access URL. For most publishers, this is sufficient - if using the PROXY access method, all their content is accessible through a single portal. For some, however, there are multiple URLs a user may which to access. For example, Springer Nature has both and as potential entry URLs.

In the case of Springer Nature, we came to a solution whereby we split the collection into two streams - users apply separately for Springer and Nature. This is far from ideal, and is confusing to users, who need to both submit two separate applications and manage them separately. Some users think they're only allowed to access one of the two collections.

Instead, we should have a situation where applying to access Springer Nature gives users access to both entry URLs in My Library. There are a few different ways we could display this in the interface, including multiple entry buttons in one resource tile, or individual tiles per entry URL. In both cases, we need to consider that the access URL might need some description beyond where the URL points, to guide users in understanding where they're going.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Resource objects can have more than one access URL
  • In My Library, a user with access to a resource with multiple access URLs has a clear way to access each.

Event Timeline

This needs some design work to figure out what this will look like in My Library first.

This would free us up to be able to remove collections - the only resources remaining have an overall account cap so we could just have them with multiple entry URLs on one resource.

What design work is needed? @Samwalton9

Hi - this task actually isn't needed anymore, because we've moved a bunch of partners over to automated access. I think the need for this has passed.

Perhaps I could suggest T296155 as a good starting task?