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Add livestreaming / broadcasting capabilities
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It would be useful if we had a way to livestream video from Commons. This could be used for live editor gatherings, editathons and Wikinews live broadcasting, for example.
To avoid abuse, ideally only trusted editors with livestreaming user rights should be able to do it.

For implementation, it might be a good idea to check out how the Free Software Foundation does it:

I know this is quite a big feature ask, but please don't close this issue rightaway as it can serve as a venue for ideas and discussion. If not now, it can perhaps be picked up later.

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@NMaia: Hi, exists. Reading that FSF text I don't understand what exactly;a=summary does in combination with Jitsi. And how this task is related to Commons (apart from Commons being a place where to potentially host resulting videos). :)

@Aklapper Meet doesn't store the video for later viewings, and also don't allow anyone to view without being part of the meeting. So Jitsi is great for a many to many conversation (well, except "many" only applies for very small values of many, meetings with over 30 people usually break down). This is meant to be more of a broadcasting, where one person livestreams to potentially thousands of viewers.

Aklapper renamed this task from Add livestreaming capabilities to Add livestreaming / broadcasting capabilities.Oct 16 2020, 9:00 AM

PeerTube got support for live streams in its latest release a week ago! Since it is open source, this is a possible way forward.

The underlying need is very widespread: do streamings, but yeah, Wikimedia Commons is a kind of database for images, not really a streaming platform. I suggest to remove the Commons Tag and set a generic Cloud-Services and rename this Task to:

  • "Host a Wikimedia Peertube on Wikimedia Cloud for peer-to-peer live streamings"

or something similar.

I suggest to remove the Commons Tag and set a generic Cloud-Services and rename this Task to:

I disagree with renaming and repurposing. If this request is declined, I'd rather see this task being closed with a proper argument for historical reasons.

You are always free to start a new task with that subject if you like, but don't hijack this one.