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Add editors per country data for non-Wikipedia projects
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From what is written on, the Geoeditors Monthly dataset is only available for the Wikipedia projects (differents language versions). I looked for but I did not find any task on Phrabricator to ask for the same kind of data for non-Wikipedia projects (Wiktionary, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, etc). Maybe it may not be applicable to all Wikimedia projects but it is for some of them (the ones I have listed).

This is the equivalent of T238365, that cares only about Wikipedia data.

Sorry if one ticket is already for this task.

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We're open to discussing this, so please don't take my closing the task as any kind of "final word", @Pamputt, and thank you for raising the issue.

So, in general, this dataset is fairly privacy-sensitive. We made a hard trade-off with what we released so far, and we limited the release to Wikipedia projects on purpose. Basically, unless you make a very good case for why the data should be available (efforts it helps with, like projects to improve community health for example), then we will choose to keep privacy tight.