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Change interwiki link for CKB from "Soranî / کوردی" to "کوردی"
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Author: marmzok

The language is used in Ckb-wikipedia has Arabic script, and the project has no content in Latin script. Our request is to remove Latin word in interwiki link name for ckb.
Therefore please change "Soranî / کوردی" to "کوردی".
And here is the page of consensus:


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Severity: enhancement



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erdal.ronahi wrote:

As an admin from ku I agree to this. We had introduced the two-script interwiki style when ku contained articles in two scripts. This is no longer the case neither in ku nor in ckb, so this is legacy and should be changed.

Done in r70256. You will have to wait some time for this change to get pushed to live site.

'ku' also uses script variants (arab/latn). Is that still relevant, or should Kurdish also be changed to have only one script variant (that in Latin script)?

If so, a new bug needs to be opened to get that sorted out.

aso.mehmudi wrote:

It's more than 4 months from the report of this bug, but we can't see it fixed in live site. Is something wrong?

No, wikimedia sites aren't updated as often anymore, nothing is wrong. Last I heard the plan is to update the sites in late January (I think anyways).