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Screenshot Tests, Automated Testing, and Data Driven Testing
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I'm preparing this presentation to discuss testing strategies and best practices that I've been using on the Fundraising Banners team, in the hopes that it will be helpful to other QTE Team members.


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Ryasmeen renamed this task from Prepare presentation for QTE Team - Hackathon day to Screenshot Tests, Automated Testing, and Data Driven Testing.Oct 28 2020, 12:42 AM

Ok, I can start drafting something based on the slides...but since there is sort of a lot to cover and most people seemed interested in the data driven testing stuff, should I maybe just create a post focused on that? @zeljkofilipin

@jbolorinos-ctr A shorter post would be a great start, if that's what you mean.

@jbolorinos-ctr if you would like to pair on writing this blog post, let me know.

Talk was given, but I dont think this will work well as a blog post since it covers a wide variety of topics