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toolsbeta: Move all puppet config to toolsbeta-puppetmaster-04.toolsbeta.eqiad.wmflabs
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Currently toolsbeta-puppetdb-02.toolsbeta.eqiad.wmflabs is using the old (and deleted) toolsbeta-puppetmaster-03.toolsbeta.eqiad.wmflabs, and there are also some references to the even older toolsbeta-puppetmaster-02.toolsbeta.eqiad.wmflabs server.

We should remove the entries in hiera (through horizon ui) and make sure all the toolsbeta servers still work on the new toolsbeta-puppetmaster-04.toolsbeta.eqiad.wmflabs puppet master.

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Note to myself, puppetdb02 hiera has puppetdb02 as master as overwrite, check and

dcaro triaged this task as Low priority.Nov 3 2020, 3:08 PM

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-11-03T15:30:28Z] <dcaro> T267121: Puppetmaster replaced, also removed old puppetdb master from hiera, testing