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Add NewUserMessage extension on ru.wikiversity
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Author: tac

Please, add Extension Highly Automated Welcome Tool in

Or advise similar extension which can be established

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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The code would need reviewing before any installation on wikimedia wikis

tac wrote:

You can make it? Than I can help?

At a quick glance, this extension has some Wikia-specific hacks, so it's not readily useable on a generic MediaWiki installation. Not even marking this bug as needs-review, as in its present state this extension requires some work first.

tac wrote:

Can eat similar expansions which are easier to establish?

Approximately how many time can occupy the decision of this question?

NewUserMessage extension has been installed on some WMF wikis (strategy, to name one).

tac wrote:

Please, then establish Extension:NewUserMessage in

jeluf wrote:


Index: InitialiseSettings.php

  • InitialiseSettings.php (revision 1114)

+++ InitialiseSettings.php (working copy)
@@ -7648,6 +7648,7 @@

'ndswiki' => true,
'rowiki' => true,
'rowikinews' => true,

+ 'ruwikiversity' => true,

'strategywiki' => true,