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CI for mediawiki/extensions/Translate is not running against the proper version of mediawiki/extensions/UniversalLanguageSelector
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I accidentally discovered this while fixing Translate's REL1_31 tests. It seems that Translate's CI is running against the most recently tagged version of ULS, *not* the version from the correct branch, which is going to be deployed to Wikimedia sites -> therefore unbreak now.

Translate, via composer.json, depends on mediawiki/universal-language-selector: *, which pulls in the most recently tagged ULS version via packagist/composer. This gets installed in the normal extensions/ directory, overwriting the correct version of ULS that quibble cloned from Gerrit.

The straightfoward thing would be to remove the composer dependency, I don't know if that's acceptable to the Translate maintainers. In any case, not testing Translate against the right ULS version isn't acceptable IMO.

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Legoktm triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jan 3 2021, 7:43 AM
Legoktm created this task.

A bandaid might be to depend on dev-master (what TranslationNotifications does), but that won't work for wmf/ branches if patches need to be backported. Also features like Depends-On won't work either.

The composer dependency has been long removed in master so it's not going to be deployed to Wikimedia sites (and I don't think it ever was, since composer deps only come via the vendor repo).

Uhhh, I feel stupid, I forgot to actually check master. This was fixed in rETRA37d8658932d3: Track ULS dependency in extension.json, a year ago.