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Please remove sdb from ms-be1022
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As per title, this SSD is failed on ms-be1022 (in T267870) and should be pulled / destroyed / etc, the led should be flashing, thank you!

=> pd 2I:4:1 show

Smart Array P840 in Slot 3

   array B

      physicaldrive 2I:4:1
         Port: 2I
         Box: 4
         Bay: 1
         Status: Failed
         Last Failure Reason: Fail drive command

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Joe triaged this task as High priority.Jan 8 2021, 8:58 AM
wiki_willy added a subscriber: wiki_willy.

Hi @fgiunchedi, just wanted to confirm - since this server was recently refreshed last quarter via T265093, no need to replace the disk, right? Thanks, Willy

@wiki_willy that's correct yes, no need to replace the drive. The action in this case is to physically pull the disk since it isn't functional. The rationale being that when decom time comes all the disks left are known-good