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Display of infobox and timeless
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Since a few days there is a bug in the display of Lua Infobox with the Timeless interface .

lua infobox frwiki timeless.png (856×636 px, 172 KB)

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Go to,
  • Choose the Timeless interface in your preference settings
  • Look at a a page with an infobox in Lua such as which use Infobox Biographie2
  • The display of the Infobox is broken

Actual Results:

Titles go at the right of the screen

Expected Results:

The titles should stay in the infobox and not go beyond the screen.

Event Timeline

Same as T271473 - fix is merged, should be deployed soon, but you know what, I'm not gonna merge in/close this until then so we actually have something to uuuuh point to?