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Deleted lexeme is available in the Wikidata Query Service
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Steps to Reproduce:

This lexeme has been deleted:

However, the lexeme is available in the Wikidata Query Service:

Actual Results:

wd:L406862 schema:version 1344760639
wd:L406862 schema:dateModified 20. januar 2021
wd:L406862 wikibase:timestamp 20. januar 2021
wd:L406862 ontolex:sense wd:L406862-S1
wd:L406862 wikibase:lexicalCategory wd:Q1019
wd:L406862 dct:language wd:Q9035
wd:L406862 rdf:type ontolex:LexicalEntry
wd:L406862 wikibase:statements 0
wd:L406862 wikibase:lemma mad

Expected Results:

There should be no delected lexeme in WDQS.