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Fix bug where user is not eligible for 6+ months criteria despite account creation in 2006
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User Amire80 is deemed ineligible for the Library Bundle due to failing the "6+ months" criteria. This is despite the fact that their account was created in 2005 and centrally merged in 2006. They are eligible for all other elements of the Bundle criteria.

Looking at the library admin interface we have their central account creation date accurate as 2006-04-17.

They have a Library Bundle authorization which has an authorization date of today, but has an expiry date of yesterday. The expiry date is expected behaviour for an authorization for a user who was eligible but is no longer.

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Samwalton9-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Amire80 could you please log out from the platform and log in again? This might be enough to get you authorized.

Hi @Amire80, have you been able to log out and log back into your account?

Confirmed with Amir that this is now working!