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Appropriate suggested donation amounts
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On the donation form page, if you select JPY (Japanese Yen), the suggested donation amounts do not change and are ridiculous suggestions for JPY. A donation of 35 JPY is $0.42 USD.

The suggested amounts are fine for CAD, AUD, GBP, and EUR, even though due to currency rates, the actual donation amount when converted will vary some.

I'm not sure about the other listed currencies. There should be some smart adjusting, if the currency difference is so great.

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Almost all donors who have historically given in JYP have done so through the Japanese landing pages which are already set for the correct values

If you try and donate in a currency and amount that is less then one dollar then you already get a javascript warning informing you of the minimum donation.

We'll certainly continue this practice for any new pages that are created for this coming up fundraiser.

bugs wrote:

Yeah, we set the default donation values to match up with the default currency. However, she does bring up a good point -- do we want to have these defaults controlled with the template itself? Hmmm, it sounds like a good idea, but it might be difficult to implement and it might not make sense for every country... for example, although Bulgaria uses the Euro, we don't want to give it the same defaults as other European countries, because most Bulgarians can't afford that.

This is not actually controlled by DonationInterface - the magic happens with templates that live on If this is something you still see as an issue, please bring it up on this year's fundraising discussion page on meta: