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Enable AbuseFilter on French Wiktionary
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Consequently to our vote (7 for and 3 neutral) we need please to install AbuseFilter on the French Wiktionary.
A new user status should be created, "Abusefilter" like on the French Wikipedia.

Thank you very much for your works.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:18 PM
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quentinv57 wrote:

Please add the following group changes too :

  • group "abusefilter" + abusefilter-log + abusefilter-log-detail + abusefilter-view + abusefilter-modify + abusefilter-revert + abusefilter-private + abusefilter-modify-restricted
  • group "autopatrolled" + abusefilter-log + abusefilter-view
  • group "bureaucrat" Add groups: + abusefilter Remove groups: + abusefilter
  • group "patroller" + abusefilter-log + abusefilter-view
  • group "sysop" + abusefilter-log + abusefilter-view + abusefilter-revert

See consensus :

Thanks by advance

quentinv57 wrote:

Thanks a lot :)