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Request increased quota for cyberbot Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: cyberbot
Type of quota increase requested: 350GB Cinder volume
Reason: Currently IABot runs on a DB that has grown to it's disk limit of 300 GB. As the bot is added to more wikis, more disk space is needed. I would like to migrate the current DB from instance local storage to the new Cinder system.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-03-15T10:52:32Z] <arturo> extending storage quota: aborrero@cloudcontrol1005:~$ sudo wmcs-openstack quota set --gigabytes 350 cyberbot (T277333)

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The quota should be updated now, let me know if it works. Is my first time doing this operation!

I see it attached as /dev/vdb but where does it actually mount? Do I have to do that myself?