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(Need By: TBD) install MPC7E-MRATE FPC into cr[12]-codfw
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This task will track the installation of a single MPC7E-MRATE FPC into both cr[12]-codfw.

Hostname / Racking / Installation Details

Arzhel will need to provide installation details (slot id, schedule, etc) and coordinate with Papaul.

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Those are hot swap-able, so then can be installed anytime.

Please sync up with me first so I'm around to test them and let's use slot 1.

Just in case here is the doc about FPCs:

Slot 1 information:
  State                               Present
  Temperature                      26 degrees C / 78 degrees F
  Total CPU DRAM                    0 MB
  Total RLDRAM                      0 MB
  Total DDR DRAM                    0 MB
  Max power consumption            465 Watts

Both MPC7E are in place

ayounsi added a parent task: Restricted Task.Aug 19 2021, 10:06 AM