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Create mailing list for Wikimania Core Organizing Team
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Please create wikimania-cot@ as a non-public list.

Purpose: communication within the Wikimania Core Organizing Team (2021 initially, but may be reused going forward by future teams)

You can add me as list administrator (effeietsanders at gmail) , and I'll set up the rest and add secondary admins.

Description: This is a private coordination mailing list for the Wikimania Core Organizing Team.

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Hey @Effeietsanders,

you should have mail.


and you should have a random password to login at:

Please do set the secondary admin(s) and optionally reset the password or share it with them.

Regarding "private", please check "Privacy options" and "Archiving options" yourself because it's not just a single switch. I did set archiving to private and subscription to "requires approval" and the list description, but that's it. Everything else is default and up to you. Please just leave "advertised" on yes (list can be private but the existence of it should not be hidden).


@Dzahn many thanks for the speedy turnaround. I've set it up.