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Create per language wiki pages on Wikidata Lexemes to announce newer recordings for Lexemes already having one
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This was discussed during a session of the [[d:Wikidata:Events/30 lexic-o-days 2021 Wikidata:Events/30 lexic-o-days 2021]].

Lexemes contributors prefer to avoid adding all the available Lingua Libre recordings on a Lexeme (see the example of the word "forêt" on the French Wiktionary : 30+ recordings).
Since there's no way for the bot to "determine" the "quality" or relevance of a recording, we came up with the idea of a tool to help contributors do that job.

While creating a gadget (T279826) is a more beautiful solution, a preferred temporary and reliable solution would be the following :

  • For each language, create a "Wiki page" on Wikidata - so that contributors can put it in their watchlist. Something with a name like Recordings to review/en, /fr... <--- USE Qids HERE?
  • When the bot tries to add a recording, if a lexeme's form already has a pronunciation file, it will instead add the recording to a list on the "Recordings to review/language" page.

This way, if it occurs that a newer recording is available, contributors will be:

  1. notified that a new recording should be reviewed
  2. choose whether or not to replace the current one with the newer one

As said above, this implementation has limitations, but again it will serve as a good compromise until we can develop a gadget for this.