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Aborting the upload is not the same as success.
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Author: neilk

If you remove the only upload you have, while it's uploading, the system considers that success.

Why: once you start uploading, it's scanning the list continually for success or failure. When there are zero uploads, the number of completed and successful uploads == the number of uploads.

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neilk wrote:

This is somewhat improved now -- you can remove uploads until there are none left, and you'll get the "add a file" button, but, it doesn't work.

How to resolve...?

  1. Need to recreate all the other file inputs that were removed when the page went into "upload" mode.
  1. removing the last input puts you into some unrecoverable state, maybe it pops up a dialog and reloads the page from scratch.

neilk wrote:

Currently you have to jump through hoops to get this error to occur.

Will revisit in 1.1, but we probably want a different interaction for the upload page anyway (instant uploading, so there's no "now we are uploading, you can't add files" state).

neilk wrote:

*** Bug 26057 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***