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Easy dimensional data visualization
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Example use case: @Isaac needed a dashboard for a dataset many dimensions. There was no easy way to set up a public visualization with our current tools, so he set up on a cloud instance he's managing.

I think it's a good solution for now, but I think the use case is generic and we should eliminate one-offs.
Dashiki was supposed to be our go-to tool for this kind of data, but we haven't followed through with it lately. This task should decide on a plan going forward, even if that's just accepting that we'll deal with one-off solutions until we can make a better plan.

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We talked this over, some quick notes:

  • leaving this as-is for now, keeping an eye on how it scales. If we see problems we can split the data into "the last 6 months" and "all time but simplified schema"
  • discuss with our director when they start
  • options:
    • public Turnilo with care paid to caching so we don't overwhelm the druid cluster
    • clean up Dashiki / AirFlow
    • integrate in a new section of Wikistats

All of those options make sense to me long-term. For now, it's pretty easy to deploy a new Turnilo instance on Cloud VPS (all the requirements etc. are handled via a shell script) so I can always help people build their own if that's necessary before we arrive at a more general solution:

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