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Rename deployment-cache-(text|upload)0x to deployment-cp0x
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Reduces changes of things like T269825: Incorrect X-Cache-Status reported by deployment-prep caches.

Also should help a little with navigating of the list of instances to find what one is looking for and recognise what is what based on documentation for production.

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I wonder at which point Traffic is planning on moving cp* hosts to bullseye? This would be much more convenient to do if there's another reason to be reimaging/renaming those hosts.

Yeah, there's no rush definitely. Just something to keep in mind for next time there's something to do around these instances.

One more issue: given cloud vps does not have per-role hiera keys, we need to rely on instance prefix based hiera (which is different for text and upload)

cp hosts have now been updated to bullseye, FYI