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Add fallback language support for translation-aware section transclusion
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Follow-up of T47096: Add a way to transclude template or other page in the correct language

Currently, if [[Foo/pt]] does not exist, {{#section:Foo/pt|label}} transcludes [[Foo/en#label]] even if [[Foo/pt-br]] exists.

This is pretty amazing to see that {{#section:Foo/pt}} fallbacks to {{#section:Foo/en}}, but this would be even better if the fallback system follow usual language chain (so, for pt, fallbacking to pt-br before en).

Use case on Meta-Wiki.

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This is already the case. Has incorrect page language. Translate manages page language automatically, but if you are doing subpages manually, you have to set the language manually.

My bad, nice to know it! 🙂

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I don’t know wether it is in Translate scope, but there actually seems to be an issue with #section transcluding. This parser function seems able to understand last subpage is a language code and to fallback to default /en, however it does not fallback to usual higher-priority fallback languages.