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Convert AWB tracker tasks to Phabricator project tags
Open, Needs TriagePublic

Description currently lists 24 open tickets in the "Trackers" column, all of them tagged with Tracking-Neverending. The subtasks of those 24 parent tasks are all tagged with AutoWikiBrowser so they are shown on the AutoWikiBrowser board already anyway.

22 of those 24 tickets should each be converted into a (top-level) project tags - see . The "Commons related" and "Wikisource related" tickets would be superseded by simply adding the corresponding Commons or All-and-every-Wikisource tag to their subtasks.

This would allow to see each "trackers" "theme" directly as an additional tag on each (sub)task on the AutoWikiBrowser workboard and make that "Trackers" column redundant.

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