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Setup and test access to cloud VPS "dbbackups-dashboard" instance
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We have added a db1 (dashboard 1) instance to the newly created dbbackups-dashboard project on Wikimedia Cloud for use for testing/staging with the same environement as production.

@h.krishna should:

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Successfully tested access - I am able to log in into db1 instance on dbbackups-dashboard using the bastion server with SSH

Did you also log in into horizon and saw the instance there, etc?

Yes, I logged in and saw the instances there and had a look around all the items (there was bastion and dbbackups dashboard as you mentioned -- I saw all the options such as puppet, etc)

cool :-) Everything is ready there, then.

Noticed that whilst I SSH'ed the version of Python in the instance is Python v3.7.3 -- I was thinking we will build our application for Python 3.7 but make sure the code we write is compatible for Python 3.6 as well?
We can discuss