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Bridge #mediawiki across freenode and Libera chat
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Asking as #mediawiki op, please bridge #mediawiki across Freenode and Libera Chat.


  • Libera Chat doesn't have a webchat yet
  • it's going to take a while for links to stop pointing to freenode

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bd808 triaged this task as High priority.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-05-20T21:34:46Z] <wm-bot> <bd808> Restarting to add MediaWiki-General bridge (T283274)

bd808 moved this task from To Do to Done on the Tool-bridgebot board.
[21:34]  wm-bb (~wm-bb@user/wm-bridgebot) joined the channel
[21:35] wm-bb <bd808> waves to libera across the bridge
[21:36]  <    bd808> legoktm: ^ it's alive
[21:36]  <  legoktm> thank you!

This bridge is now shutdown.