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introducing user_rights for Enotif: isAllowedToReceiveEnotifsFor.....
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I propose to introduce two new user_rights:

(1) user is allowed to receive enotifs for user and user_talk page changes
(2) user is allowed to receive enotifs for all page changes

The Enotif program will then simply check the rights before actually sending
mail(s) to a certain watching user if and only if all other conditions are met:
Admin allows and user opted-in. The Enotif program is ready to use such rights;
please can you set these up, Brion ?

Need some smart names, isAllowedToReceiveEnotifsForUserPageChanges is far too
long, isn't it ? Please let me know, how you think about this proposal.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement



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Can someone of the HEAD developers comment this, please ?

I proposed these new user rights, so that a forthcoming Enotif module can check,
if a user might receive email notification at the stored address.

As usual, I am open for any valuable comment or hint.


Feel free to add new rights:

Add a string defining the new rights to $wgAvailableRights (in Define.php).

Then call the method User:isAllowed($right);

Where $right is a string in $wgAvailableRights.


if( ! $wgUser->isAllowed('block') ) {
print error message: not enough rights to access this page
} {
do something

Thank you Ashar for your remark.

Here is what I implemented in Enotif 2.00 for CVS (coming on 30.11.2004):

It might be necessary to lower email traffic for Enotif to a certain needed mininum.
For this reason it is advantageous to introduce user rights to allow Sysops to
select a subset (e.g. power users) of all users which only are allowed to
receive Enotifs for a) user_talk page changes and/or b) all watched page changes.

The new rights I am introducing are:

  1. rcv_enotif_usertalkpage (if set, this user X sees the user option in

preferences, where s/he can opt-in to have enotifs for changes on the user_talk
page X)

  1. rcv_enotif_allpages (if this is set, this user X sees also the option in

preference, where s/he can opt-in to have enotifs for changes on all the
watch-listed pages)

  1. emailaddr_authenticated (this means, that the emailaddr is authenticated anc

can be used by UserMailer to send generously enoitfs (dependent on rights under

  1. and 2., and the user preferences for this) .

regarding emailaddr_authentication, i am now impleementing the proposal (Email authentication by a
dummy "forgot my password" cycle)