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Experiment with gitlab-runners project and provision a pool of shared runners for general use
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We now have a gitlab-runners VPS project for GitLab runners (T285913). Next up is provisioning a set of shared runners.

There's some experimentation to be done with how exactly we want that to look before we open things up. @dduvall and I will be pairing on that 2021-07-26.

For background:

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2021-07-23T19:26:46Z] <brennen> gitlab-runners: launched runner-1001, g3.cores8.ram36.disk20 to install baseline experimental runner (T287279)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2021-07-26T20:45:08Z] <brennen> runner-1001: installed docker & gitlab-runner, registered runner-1001 to the gitlab instance for pipeline experimentation (T287279)

Our rough plan at the moment is to puppetize installation of gitlab-runner on nodes, and leave a manual configuration step for registering each as a Docker executor.

CCing @Jelto for awareness we're working on this.

brennen edited projects, added GitLab; removed GitLab (Initialization).

With T287504: Puppetize GitLab runner configuration we have a new profile::gitlab::runner class that can be applied to WMCS VPSs in gitlab-runners or elsewhere. I'll update Wikitech with setup details and provisioning instructions.

I've updated to reflect our new use of profile::gitlab::runner and included instructions on how to set up a new runner instance.