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Adding new witches to Wikidata
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Moving forward with another set of witches, adding them to Wikidata for Wikidata:Wikiproject Witches.

Doing a live session on adding them to Wikidata at 7pm UTC, willing to demonstrate this on Jitsi, and explain!

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Feel free to add the sessions in the schedule for more visibility :) You can use the Jitsi Room 2 for example.

I will Lea! Just waiting on a confirmation from a group of interested people I'm in on Telegram.

Witches are now all on Wikidata, further modelling is still needed, but that's for the next hackathon.
Would be very curious to see, if someone can create a query with Q2184793 for me, if all 40 show up!

@Ciell: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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Thank you,
your Hackathon venue housekeeping service

Here a query of the 40 witches, with as much of details I could find

[ query]

Thank you Henk: 40 indeed!!