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[Session] Join developing Knowledge Equity at Hack4OpenGLAM
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Susannaanas, Scann & more

Session type (select one):

  • Presentation (including Q/A) - 25 mins
  • Discussion (including Q/A) - 55 mins
  • Workshop (including Q/A) - 55 mins

Date and time:
13 August 18 UTC

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Session Details

Short description of the session (~150 words):
Join developing Knowledge Equity at Hack4OpenGLAM

Describe what your session is about

We will present a short video and host a super-brief 30-minute discussion on what Hack4OpenGLAM is about and how you could contribute.

Hack4OpenGLAM takes place in the context of Creative Commons Global Summit 20–24 September. It is a co-creation event for working towards Open Access to cultural heritage. The cultural hackathon consists of a workshop day, followed by three independent working days, and a celebration event.

It brings together content communities, GLAM professionals, advocates of open cultural heritage, digital creators, and tools or platform developers – from newcomers to experts – to learn, work, and create with one another.

This year we are focusing on knowledge equity – Highlighting knowledge of individuals, communities, and cultures who have been left out of the spotlight of history, decolonizing cultural historical collections, and acknowledging responsible ways of sharing information online openly.

Target audience:
developers in the Wikimedia ecosystem, interested in the integration of the diversity of sources of cultural heritage in the Wikimedia projects

Who is this session most relevant to? For example: new contributors, maintainers, documentarians, first-time attendees, etc.

Anyone from a beginner to an expert with an interest in knowledge equity.

(Optional) Additional resources:

Share any documentation or links where participants can learn more about the session topics

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@Susannaanas: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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