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We almost never actually free up space from deleted VMs
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It seems that once a backup has been created of a VM, ceph declines to delete the image when the VM is deleted due to associated snapshots.

Some solutions:

  • Add a cleanup step to our daily backup jobs (probably easiest)
  • Stop having backups (T289282) (even easier but not necessarily the wisest)
  • Stop persisting snapshots in between backup jobs (will probably increase backup storage considerably)
  • Hook nova or something so that we synchronously delete backups and snaps as part of VM deletion (hardest and most 'correct')

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nskaggs triaged this task as High priority.Aug 27 2021, 2:36 PM

I was having trouble reproducing this and then I remember that VMs in 'testlabs' aren't backed up.

So... for experimentation purposes I've created some test VMs in the 'tools' project: andrew-delete-test-[1-5]

Once they've been backed up we can try deleting them and see what the logs look like.

Here's a blog post that seems to match what we're seeing:

Does it suggest a solution? Not really!

I just now deleted and watched the nova-compute and libvirt logs... there's no complaining there at all even though the image was leaked.

I'm starting to think that we may have to write a periodic cleanup job for this.

That does not seem horrible to me, serves as a "backup" if there was a fat finger delete.

nova/storage/ has clear error handling for this in a couple of places, for example:

except rbd.ImageHasSnapshots:
    LOG.error('image %(volume)s in pool %(pool)s has '
              'snapshots, failed to remove',
              {'volume': name, 'pool': self.pool})

And yet I can't find that message appearing even once in our logs. So maybe I'm looking at the wrong code