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Emails on wlm-announce seem not to have arrived (due to banlist)
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On Aug 20, Ndahiro sent an email to the public mailing list wlm-announce which I approved as list admin. It did make it to the online archive. However, when I verify with list members, the email never made it to their inboxes, nor did I receive the eventual email myself. It is not caught in a spam filter.

(as a sidenote: loading the archive is super slow on my end. Not sure if that is a symptom. It is muuuch slower than the archive for wikilovesmonuments . )

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I looked through the server logs and I'm pretty confident that the mail did go to the wlm-announce@ subscribers (we got ~192 aol/yahoo bounces from it >.<). Note that you aren't actually subscribed to wlm-announce despite being a list owner.

mailman.log.9.gz:Aug 20 12:07:30 2021 (10163) HOLD: post from held, message-id=<>: Emergency moderation is in effect for this list
mailman.log.9.gz:Aug 20 12:30:29 2021 (10160) HyperKitty archived message <> to
smtp.log.9.gz:Aug 20 12:30:34 2021 (10166) <> smtp to for 377 recips, completed in 5.277236223220825 seconds
smtp.log.9.gz:Aug 20 12:30:34 2021 (10166) <> post to from, 7634 bytes

I expect that you normally get emails because the wikilovesmonuments@ list is subscribed to wlm-announce@. Except that in this case, that email didn't go through because...

mailman.log.9.gz:Aug 20 12:30:36 2021 (10163) DISCARD: <>; [('Message sender {} is banned from this list', '')]

I don't understand why someone added it, but sure enough, is on the ban list of that mailing list:

My initial thought was that DMARC mitigations are causing the From header to be rewritten to use the list address instead (we ran into this same problem on cloud-announce not forwarding to cloud-l recently), but then it would be coming from wlm-announce@. So I'm not sure exactly why it's being edited, but removing the ban should fix it.

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Thanks @Legoktm for digging into this! It is surprising that I'm not on wlm-announce as a member, because once i was, and i dont recall unsubscribing. But that is fixable!

Great find that the banlist was causing this, i undid the ban, and will check if that fixes it.

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