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Support rendering of numeric annotation glyphs
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The PGN standard defines numeric annotation glyphs (NAGs) as a way to represent common annotation symbols in ASCII. The program does not support NAGs and does not handle them as valid PGN. The extension should recognize the glyphs and translate them to their unicode equivalent for display to the reader.

See 3rd game onקיפודנחש1/ChessBrowser_test_cases

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Change 719450 had a related patch set uploaded (by Wugapodes; author: Wugapodes):

[mediawiki/extensions/ChessBrowser@master] Parse Numeric Annotation Glyphs (NAGs)

Change 719450 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/ChessBrowser@master] Parse Numeric Annotation Glyphs (NAGs)

TheDJ moved this task from Needs triage to In Progress on the ChessBrowser board.

Oh I see now why this wasn't closed. Hmm, I'll need to look into the example further, but I'm not sure the problem is NAGs, or at least not them specifically. I think there's some interaction between them and all the comments and variations that's causing some problems. I'll look into the example and create a subtask when I figure out what the issue is