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Display goal conversion in Fundraising Operation Center
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Related to T290561: Log donations and membership applications in web analytics

  • In the analysis section of the Fundraising Operation Center additional columns are added:
    • the total number of completed donations of each of the specified campaign and keyword parameters (including the deviation in percent)
    • the total number of completed donations per banner impression (including the deviation in percent and the statistical significance)

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The test server uses the test database, but the production web analytics. So can't really test this, I think. I assume this won't break anything, so let's roll it out to production and test it there.

The test FOC can be configured to access the test site Web Analytics.

@AbbanWMDE Test FOC still shows me the campaigns from the production site. I sneaked into the code and found some places with a hard coded idSite. 😬

Ok, works now. There seems to be an unrelated bug (T292939: A/B test analysis tool occasionally shows errors) that should be investigated before deploying.