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Puppet agent failure detected on instance tools-k8s-worker-53 in project tools
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From alertmanager:

alertname: PuppetAgentFailure
project: tools
summary: Puppet agent failure detected on instance tools-k8s-worker-53 in project tools
6 hours ago
instance: tools-k8s-worker-53
job: node
severity: warn

Event Timeline

dcaro triaged this task as High priority.Sep 22 2021, 8:56 AM
dcaro created this task.

Also from the email:

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 08:15:07 +0000
From: root <>
Subject: [Cloud VPS alert][tools] Puppet failure on (

Puppet is having issues on the " (" instance in project
tools in Wikimedia Cloud VPS.

Puppet is running with failures.

Working Puppet runs are needed to maintain instance security and logins.
As long as Puppet continues to fail, this system is in danger of becoming

You are receiving this email because you are listed as member for the
project that contains this instance.  Please take steps to repair
this instance or contact a Cloud VPS admin for assistance.

If your host is expected to fail puppet runs and you want to disable this
alert, you can create a file under /.no-puppet-checks, that will skip the checks.

You might find some help here:

For further support, visit #wikimedia-cloud on or

Some extra info follows:
---- Last run summary:
changes: {total: 1}
events: {failure: 2, success: 1, total: 3}
resources: {changed: 1, corrective_change: 2, failed: 2, failed_to_restart: 0, out_of_sync: 3,
  restarted: 0, scheduled: 0, skipped: 30, total: 656}
time: {augeas: 0.014297675, catalog_application: 167.13470970466733, config_retrieval: 4.7948452569544315,
  convert_catalog: 0.39457596093416214, exec: 160.45495918400005, fact_generation: 1.1547216065227985,
  file: 2.7668943010000007, file_line: 0.009206697000000002, filebucket: 0.000101214,
  group: 0.000973877, host: 0.000516996, last_run: 1632297098, mailalias: 0.000729282,
  mount: 0.005470849, node_retrieval: 0.28941362351179123, notify: 0.004017614, package: 1.4282494300000002,
  plugin_sync: 0.5997322611510754, schedule: 0.000672459, service: 0.9838402580000001,
  tidy: 0.000157168, total: 174.38122133, transaction_evaluation: 167.0233521424234,
  user: 0.001699015}
version: {config: "(429cfa2180) Moritz M\xFChlenhoff - dhcp: Switch mx1001 to bullseye",
  puppet: 5.5.10}

---- Failed resources if any:

  * Exec[create-/mnt/nfs/labstore-secondary-tools-home]
  * Exec[create-/mnt/nfs/labstore-secondary-tools-project]

---- Exceptions that happened when running the script if any:
  No exceptions happened.

Manually sshing and running puppet worked though:

root@tools-k8s-worker-53:~# puppet agent --test
Info: Using configured environment 'production'
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Retrieving locales
Info: Loading facts
Info: Caching catalog for
Info: Applying configuration version '(385872e29c) Arturo Borrero Gonzalez - openstack: manila: install manila-data package'
Notice: The LDAP client stack for this host is: sssd/sudo
Notice: /Stage[main]/Profile::Ldap::Client::Labs/Notify[LDAP client stack]/message: defined 'message' as 'The LDAP client stack for this host is: sssd/sudo'
Notice: Applied catalog in 7.43 seconds

That was after it was taken out of the pool though. Looking...

It seems that something happened at ~2:36:

2021-09-22T11:27:52,285520659+02:00.png (977×2 px, 169 KB)

That timestamp matches with an invocation of the OOM killer (note that dmesg times are not accurate, times from journalctl are):

Sep 22 02:36:18 tools-k8s-worker-53 kernel: python invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x6000c0(GFP_KERNEL), nodemask=(null), order=0, oom_score_adj=968
Sep 22 02:36:18 tools-k8s-worker-53 kernel: python cpuset=docker-dc657872f2a8e8d33afb07ae86e268412f78e59db1bc2dc4c1fe9e4d7c3a5137.scope mems_allowed=0
Sep 22 02:36:18 tools-k8s-worker-53 kernel: Task in /kubepods.slice/kubepods-burstable.slice/kubepods-burstable-podb18a021d_3812_41b0_9117_50d7a97e0f31.slice/docker-dc657872f2a8e8d33afb07ae86e268412f78e59db1bc2dc4c1fe9e4d7c3a5137.scope killed as a result of limit of /kubepods.slice/kubepods-burstable.slice/kubepods-burstable.slice/kubepods-burstable-podb18a021d_3812_41b0_9117_50d7a97e0f31.slice

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-09-22T11:37:01Z] <dcaro> controlled undrain tools-k8s-worker-53 (T291546)

The server looks stable now, will close this for now and reopen if it happens again.