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[Prototype] Sticky header not fully appearing in prototype
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:
The header does not fully appear.

Screenshot (214).png (1×1 px, 416 KB)

What should have happened instead?:

The header should have fully appeared.

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This appears to a prototype. Can you provide more context about the browser you are using. Are you also logging into the page?

Cc @Jdrewniak

This bug appears in both the stable and beta releases of Chrome. As for "logging in," I don't understand what you're talking about as you can't log in with a real account on the testing page. Could you please clarify?

You have to pretend to log in by clicking "log in" here to see the logged in state and the sticky header. I know that's confused me in the past:

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 8.30.17 AM.png (480×548 px, 36 KB)

Does the real thing load for you?

If not could you let me know your screen resolution and version?
Also note this feature may not work if you are using a mobile phone.

Jdlrobson renamed this task from Sticky header not fully appearing to [Prototype] Sticky header not fully appearing in prototype.Oct 25 2021, 7:29 PM

Since the actual sticky header has been implemented in Vector now and is visible via the url parameter (e.g. the prototype should be considered obsolete.

(btw that screenshot in the description appears correctly, it was one of the early designs where the header was only visible when scrolling up... we changed that in the final version).