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table user got new columns user_email_confirmed, user_email_token, user_email_token_expires
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For implementing bugzilla 866, I propose to introduce a new column in the
database table user:


This is empty or zero in case of a "dirty", i.e. non-authenticated email
address, which is only be used for mailing a temporary password - in case a user
forgot the correct password.

The field gets the timestamp of the email authentication, when a user logs in
with the temporary password mailed to him/her from the wiki (through a dummy "I
forgot my password cycle" or a similar mechanism). It already works reasonable
and only a few code changes are needed.

The option (wiki requires authentication of email address) can be disabled by Sysop.

See bugzilla (Email
authentication by a dummy "forgot my password" cycle)

This enhancement is implemented in Enotif 2.00 for CVS (see )

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement


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Add a script to spin up an Airflow instance for developmentrepos/data-engineering/airflow-dags!3mfornsrun-dev-instancemain
Customize query in GitLab

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The introduction as a timestamp field allows later checking how long this has
been authenticated (and further uses).

  • solved/implemented in CVS 1.5

..and some more new columns. Needed for new method to confirm e-mail addresses
in the databases.

*implemented* in ENotif/EConfirm v3.16, see .