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Technical advice on migrating content from Outreach-wiki to Meta-wiki
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The folks who publish the GLAM and Education newsletters have been doing so for a few years on Outreach wiki. After some discussion it's time to move them to Meta wiki so they'll have more visibility and support. Right now we're interested in only moving the pages and templates that make up the GLAM and Education newsletters. We'd want to set up redirects for these pages on Outreach so that old links would point folks to their new home on Meta.

In investigating this, one option that seems the most apparent is to use the Special:Export/Import tools to migrate the content. For redirects it appears that we can use MediaWiki redirects across projects, but those will only be "soft" redirects (We'd probably do this bit with a bot).

I have exported the identified pages from Outreach wiki using Special:Export. It is about 2,600 pages (with full history and templates included) in a 127 MB xml file. There's a much smaller export of the Category: pages. I've setup a local install of MediaWiki using Docker and imported a smaller subset with success.

I'm looking for advice and feedback on what would be the best way forward for this migration of select content. Is there a better way to do this? Is there anything we need to look out for in this work that we have not taken into account? If we wanted to do hard redirects what would be involved?

I've tagged a few teams that made sense and would appreciate any time you could offer to this. If I've done so in error, apologies in advance.

Edit: If it's helpful to see thing in a more tangible way, here is a list of the pages to import for the GLAM Newsletter and here are a first go at exported files for the Pages and Categories.

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Non Sysadmin Volunteer but my only concern would be mediawiki timing out while processing it (either on the export or import). If this does happen, you could either batch the files or do it server side.

Hard redirects I believe could be done with the forward option from Interwiki but im not 100%

Redirects in foundationwiki work like that: (remove the &redirect=no)

It's this config: wgDisableHardRedirects I don't know if it would be desirable to turn it off for outreachwiki for example

FYI: there is an RfC running on meta about this migration proposal.

CKoerner_WMF claimed this task.

I've had my technical questions addressed here and elsewhere. Thanks all for the input.