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Provide explicit "Browse" button
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Currently, we technically do allow users to "browse" by searching for no keyword. However, this is not intuitive to users and should provide

User Story

As a user, I want to browse Toolhub, so that I can discover new tools I didn't know about

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I see this in the groomed/ready column, but I don't see any functional or design requirements.

Good catch! Accidentally created in this column

This task was briefly discussed during one of our recent team meetings.

To summarize, we would most likely want the home page to not only be an entry point for tool search but to also serve as a global landing page where we could feature lists, etc. The team currently lacks ideas on how this could be implemented from a design/UX perspective so as to communicate to users that performing an empty search will yield a list of all tools and display the full search filters and facets interface.

It was suggested that we reach out to a UX designer to get feedback and that the best way to ensure the feedback is useful and nobody's time is wasted would be to prepare a short list of focused questions/possible alternatives for consideration vs. saying "pls take a look at this thing here and tell us what you think".