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Add more maintainers for packagist-mirror
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T203529: Set up a packagist mirror for Wikimedia /

The idea was to be more resilient and independent plus get some better performance by running our own packagist mirror, potentially even in production.

The set up is pretty simple, it's a git checkout of with some apache config and a systemd timer.

Based on access logs, some people are using it. It needs some love, like migrating to Buster or Bullseye (T277250) and switching to the new, official, mirror scripts:

I'm not really interested in running it any more, upstream packagist is pretty stable these days, and it's actually an open source project (unlike so I don't ideologically feel bad about using it. If someone else wants to run this, happy to hand it over. Otherwise I'll sunset it.

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I would like to do this. Mainly because I would like to get more experienced in running systems, which I am not that experienced in. And this sounds like a fairly easy thing to run.

@Legoktm: How to share/pass maintainership? :)

@Legoktm: How to share/pass maintainership? :)

Probably @Legoktm should add @Zabe as an administrator of the project ( via Horizon. :)

I'm interested too anyways, what is good so I can help @Zabe in case of need.

Aklapper renamed this task from Find new maintainer for packagist-mirror or sunset it to Add more maintainers for packagist-mirror.Feb 5 2022, 7:49 AM