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Russian shouldn't be the fallback language for kbd and ady
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Adyghe (ady) and Kabardian (kbd) are spoken by different groups of Circassians in Russia, Turkey, Israel and other countries. Russian is useful as a fallback language for Circassians in Russia, but it is useless for Circassians in other countries; It's more likely that they know English and not Russian.

I discussed this with User:Богупс (Bogups), the main editor of the Incubator of the Kabardian Wikipedia, and he agreed that it should be done, even though he doesn't know English so well himself. (See ; it's in Russian.)

It is also possible to make ady and kbd each other's fallback languages, because they are closely related and at least partly mutually intelligible.

For the record, it would be much better to allow users select their own fallback languages, as Bug 11267 suggests.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:28 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz27785.

Two languages can not be each other's fallback. As bug 11267 has not been addressed yet, there is no solution in that area either.

Because the current issue description only speaks of what should not be done, instead of what should be done, there is no solution at the moment.

I suggest the request is either set to RESOLVED/LATER or is rephrased, so it can actually be addressed.

It's very simple: delete Russian as the fallback language, and then English will remain the automatic fallback. That's what i agreed upon in discussion with Bogups.

Kabardian (kbd) Fallback altered with Revision 82983

Since Adyghe (ady) is not (yet?) im Mediawiki proper, closing this bug.

When will this be deployed? On Russian is still the fallback language.