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Collect statistics about references on Wikis
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Feature summary

Like how the X-Tools UI currently shows a statistical breakdown of authorship for an article, it would be useful if it could also show statistics about references present in an article such as their publishers, types of sources, credibility of sources, link status, date last checked, and more.

Use case(s)

Providing statistics about references, "the most critical part of an article", would help editors identify articles that need improvement.

For example, these statistics could be used to:

  • Analyze the political leaning of an article's sources - important especially for controversial topics.
  • Identify the relevance (how up-to-date) an article is
  • Compare the number of primary vs. secondary sources
  • Identify the quality of references on the across the entire Wiki

Event Timeline

MusikAnimal moved this task from Backlog to Page History on the XTools board.
MusikAnimal subscribed.

This would need a significant amount of engineering, heuristics, and possibly even a little AI to be reliable, not to mention we'd need to maintain a database of sources. I'll leave this open but I think what you suggest is probably best presented as a standalone tool. You might consider proposing it in the next Community Wishlist Survey.