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[Impact Analysis] Evaluate Impact of Mobile Reply and New Discussion Tools
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T282638 will introduce the Reply and New Discussion Tools on mobile at an initial set of partner wikis.

This task represents the work with conducting an impact analysis to evaluate what impact introducing the Reply and New Discussion Tools on mobile and setting the Read as wiki page view as the default has had on:

  1. Peoples' likelihood to successfully publish new discussion and comments on talk pages, using the mobile site
  2. Peoples' likelihood to publish edits to talk pages on mobile that are disruptive to other volunteers.

Analysis Scope

The data analyzed as part of this ticket should be limited to the two weeks before and after T298221 is resolved.

Decision to be made

This impact analysis will help us make the following decision: Do any adjustment need to be made to the mobile Reply and New Discussion Tools before the set of mobile Usability Improvements can be introduced?


IDHypothesisMetric(s) for evaluation

Decision Matrix

IDScenarioPlan of action

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@ppelberg all the vandalism has been cleaned up, but I reset the entire subscriber list so you should re-CC anyone who you wanted to see this.

@ppelberg all the vandalism has been cleaned up, but I reset the entire subscriber list so you should re-CC anyone who you wanted to see this.

I appreciate you addressing this issue as quickly as you did – thank you, @Legoktm and thank you, @Aklapper for restoring the subscriber list.