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Create OgvJS project as subproject of TimedMediaHandler
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Can we create an ogv js subproject of timedmediahandler ? Technically its an upstream, but most of the work is done by brion and lots of it has tickets inside the TMH project.

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Just a reminder, when you use Subprojects, It changes how group memberships are managed, is that still suitable?

@Peachey88 there already are several other subprojects, i don't see how it would be a problem to anyone.

I probably didn't pre-check to see if there was existing subprojects.

Can you confirm the:

  • Name of the subproject? ogv js? ogv.js?
  • Description of the project?
  • Source repo if there is one?

@TheDJ: Could you please answer the last comment? Thanks in advance! :)

name: ogv.js

description: Javascript based audio/video decoder and for HTML5 video

Original repo: