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URL moodifing request due local blocking
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Please modify the following URL's data (I tried but I did not succeed because I cannot change its status):

The bot was blocked on the Hungarian Wikipedia because it had marked the link as dead repeatedly. Please fix this and I will ask the bot's unblocking. Thanks!

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Let me offer a little more detail:

  • InternetArchiveBot marked a link in the huwiki article [[:hu:Warp Drive]] as dead twice in a row
  • The link is not, in fact, dead.
  • To keep this from happening again, I blocked IAB from editing the Warp Drive article again.
  • The bot still has the ability to roam the remaining 490 thousand articles on huwiki.

I'm not convinced that any further action is needed.

In case of falsely detected URLs the correct way to resolve the problem is fixing the URL via the interface linked on the bot's user page, not blocking the bot on any page. I would do that myself, but I do not have the authority, thus we need help. After it is done, the bot should and can be unblocked.

I think it should be good now.

03:27, 2021-12-24 JJMC89 Changed the the access date of from 2020-05-09 to 2021-12-24
03:27, 2021-12-24 JJMC89 Changed the live state of from Permadead to Alive
03:33, 2021-12-24 - URL was reported Alive (HTTP code: 200 - Reported error: )
Bencemac claimed this task.

It works, thank you @JJMC89!

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